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Under section 303(d) of the Clean Water Act, states, territories, and authorized tribes are required to develop lists of impaired waters. These are waters that are too polluted or otherwise degraded to meet the water quality standards set by states, territories or authorized tribes. The law also requires these governments to list and develop a Total Maximum Daily Load (TMDL) for impaired waters. The TMDL is a calculation of the maximum amount of a pollutant that a waterbody can receive and still safely meet water quality standards. TMDL reports are important in understanding the extent of impairment and the actions that may be needed to eliminate impairment. The local plan to respond to the TMDL is called a Basin Management Action Plan (BMAP). Please note that the Impaired Waters Data listed on the Water Atlas is the most recent available data from FDEP, but it may not reflect the current FDEP impaired list. These data are updated when and as soon as they are made available from FDEP.

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Water Resources Containing Topic-Related Data

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Water Resource Resource Type
Alafia River - North Prong Stream
Alafia River - South Prong Stream
Alfred, Lake Lake
Annie, Lake Lake
Arbuckle Creek Stream
Arbuckle, Lake Lake
Ariana, Lake Lake
Banana Lake Lake
Banana North Pit Lake
Banana South Pit Lake
Banana-Hancock Canal Stream
Bird Branch Stream
Blackwater Creek Stream
Blue, Lake (Winter Haven) Lake
Bonny, Lake (Lakeland) Lake
Bowlegs Creek Stream
Buckeye, Lake Lake
Buffum, Lake Lake
Camp Lake Lake
Cannon, Lake Lake
Charlie Creek Stream
Clinch, Lake Lake
Confusion, Lake Lake
Conine, Lake Lake
Crooked Lake Lake
Crystal Lake Lake
Crystal Lake (Lakeland) Lake
Cypress Lake (Osceola) Lake
Daisy, Lake Lake
Davenport, Lake (Davenport) Lake
Dead River Stream
Deer, Lake (Winter Haven) Lake
Deeson, Lake Lake
Dexter, Lake Lake
Eagle Lake Lake
Echo, Lake Lake
Effie, Lake Lake
Eightmile Slough Stream
Elbert, Lake Lake
Eloise, Lake Lake
English Creek Stream
Eva, Lake (Haines City) Lake
Gator Creek Stream
Gibson, Lake Lake
Grass Lake (Winter Haven) Lake
Grassy Lake (Eagle Lake) Lake
Haines, Lake Lake
Hamilton, Lake Lake
Hancock, Lake Lake
Hatchineha, Lake (Osceola) Lake
Hickory Lake Lake
Hillsborough River Stream
Hollingsworth, Lake Lake
Horse Creek Stream
Howard, Lake Lake
Howard, Lake Lake
Hunter, Lake Lake
Idylwild, Lake Lake
Idylwild-Cannon Canal Stream
Itchepackesassa Creek Stream
Jessie, Lake Lake
Juliana, Lake Lake
Killarney, Lake Lake
Kissimmee River Stream
Kissimmee, Lake (Osceola) Lake
Lake Branch Stream
Lake Lulu Run Stream
Lake Parker Outlet Stream
Lena Run Stream
Lena, Lake Lake
Little Lake Bonny Lake
Little Lake Hamilton Lake
Livingston Creek Stream
Livingston, Lake Lake
Lucerne, Lake Lake
Lulu, Lake Lake
Mariana, Lake Lake
Marie, Lake (Dundee) Lake
Marion, Lake Lake
Martha, Lake Lake
Mattie, Lake Lake
Maude, Lake Lake
May, Lake Lake
May-Shipp Canal Stream
Mcleod, Lake Lake
Menzie, Lake Lake
Mirror, Lake (Lakeland) Lake
Mirror, Lake (Winter Haven) Lake
Morgan Hole Creek Stream
Mudd Lake (W Of Polk City) Lake
Ned Lake Lake
Pabor Lake Lake
Pansy, Lake Lake
Parker, Lake (Lakeland) Lake
Payne Creek Stream
Peace Creek Stream
Peace River Stream
Pierce, Lake Lake
Poley Creek Stream
Pony Creek Stream
Reedy Creek Stream
Reedy Lake Lake
Rochelle, Lake Lake
Russell, Lake Lake
Saddle Creek Stream
Sears Lake Lake
Shipp, Lake Lake
Silver, Lake (Winter Haven) Lake
Smart, Lake Lake
Snell Creek Stream
Swoope, Lake Lake
Tennessee, Lake Lake
Thirtymile Creek Stream
Tiger Creek Stream
Tiger Lake Lake
Tracy, Lake Lake
Wahneta Canal Stream
Wailes, Lake Lake
Weohyakapka, Lake Lake
Whidden Creek Stream
Wire, Lake Lake
Withlacoochee River Stream