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Water Resource Search

This tool is used to search for and find all water resource (lake, pond, stream etc.) related information currently found on any currently supported Water Atlas. Below you will see a search form and table of results. You may use the search form to limit your search or browse the table to find the water resource to which you want to navigate.

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The page from which you came has provided specific search criteria. The results below are a subset of the full list of water resources.

Water Resource Name:
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Word(s) to search for within the Water Resource Name (for example: Carroll).

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List of topics used to limit search (for example: Water Level and Flows: water levels).

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List of Counties or Water Atlas names used to limit search.

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List of water resource types used to limit search (for example: lake, pond, bay).

Waterbody IDWater Resource NameAlternate Name(s)Water Resource TypeWater AtlasWatershedS-T-RSurface Area
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2Alafia River - North ProngStreamPolkStreamTrueTrueTrue50Polk
2Alafia River - North ProngStreamHillsboroughStreamTrueTrueTrue100Hillsborough
2Alafia River - North ProngStreamTampaBayStreamTrueTrueTrue100TampaBay
3Alafia River - South ProngStreamPolkStreamTrueTrueTrue50Polk
3Alafia River - South ProngStreamHillsboroughStreamTrueTrueTrue100Hillsborough
3Alafia River - South ProngStreamTampaBayStreamTrueTrueTrue100TampaBay
181950Arbuckle CreekStreamPolkStreamFalseTrueFalse50Polk
182007Bear CreekMcKinney Branch, Bear BranchStreamPolkStreamFalseTrueFalse50Polk
182007Bear CreekMcKinney Branch, Bear BranchStreamCHNEPStreamFalseTrueFalse100CHNEP
12Blackwater CreekStreamPolkStreamTrueTrueTrue50Polk
12Blackwater CreekStreamHillsboroughStreamTrueTrueTrue100Hillsborough
12Blackwater CreekStreamTampaBayStreamTrueTrueTrue100TampaBay
181981Boggy BranchStreamPolkStreamFalseTrueFalse50Polk
181981Boggy BranchStreamCHNEPStreamFalseTrueFalse100CHNEP
181952Boggy Branch (east of Bartow)StreamPolkStreamFalseTrueFalse50Polk