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TitleDateTypeSize (KB)Publishing OrganizationToolsIDDescriptionURL
1000 Friends of Floridaorg1000 Friends of Florida1014705Nonprofit organization promoting responsible planning and land use through education, advocacy, negotiation and litigation. Mission: to protect and improve quality of life by advocating responsible planning for population growth.
101 Top Web Resources on Climate Change2013doc_html0Environmental Science Degree1021834Aggregation of websites that have scientific content related to climate change and its effects on ecosystems, infrastructure and society.
1998 303(d) List of Impaired Waters in Florida1998doc_html0Florida Department of Environmental Protection1017033A list of waters not meeting water quality standards or not supporting their designated uses as of 1998.
1998 303(d) Listed Water Segments in Polk County (Map)1998doc_pdf2307Florida Department of Environmental Protection1016290Map of Polk County waters listed in the 1998 303(d) list of waters not meeting water quality standards or not supporting their designated uses.1998_303(d)_Polk_Map.pdf7Polk
1998 Midterm Report -- Peace River Hydrobiological Monitoring Program1998doc_pdf7093.1Peace River Manasota Regional Water Supply Authority1018989The Peace River Hydrobiological Monitoring Program (HBMP), was set forth to assess the responses of various physical, chemical and biological characteristics of the Charlotte Harbor estuary to changes in Peace River flow. The program was designed to evaluate the impacts and significance of natural salinity changes on the aquatic fauna and flora in upper Charlotte Harbor.136_HBMP1998MidTermReport_Feb2002.pdf7Polk
1999 SFWMD Land Cover/Land Use Geodatabasedoc_html0South Florida Water Management District1006412This data set serves as Documentation of land cover and land use within the South Florida Water Management District as it existed in 1999.
1999 SWFWMD Land Use/Cover Classifications1999doc_html0Southwest Florida Water Management District1017056This data layer was created to illustrate the different land uses in the Southwest Florida Water Management District as seen in 1999. This may be useful for future management applications regarding land use change detection.
2000 Florida Water Quality Assessment 305(b) Report2000doc_pdf0Florida Department of Environmental Protection1014297Provides an overview of Florida's surface & ground water quality, trends & protection efforts. Discusses the federal water quality reporting requirements (the 305(b) report); presents significant water quality findings & summarizes support for designated use.2000_305b.pdf7Polk
2004 Annual Report Final2004doc_pdf12069.4Peace River Manasota Regional Water Supply Authority1018990Annual report of the Horse Creek Stewardship Program, which establishes the Peace River Manasota Regional Water Authority and Mosaic as stewards of Horse Creek. This long-term program provides a procedure for the collection of information on physical, chemical and biological characteristics of Horse Creek during mining in the watershed.2004_annual_report_final.pdf7Polk
2004 SWFWMD Land Use/Cover Classifications2004doc_html0Southwest Florida Water Management District10177642004 land use/cover features categorized according to the Florida Land Use and Cover Classification System (FLUCCS). The features were photointerpreted at 1:12,000 using 2004 1-meter color infrared (CIR) digital aerial photographs.