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Alfred, Lake
Secchi disk depth1.97 ftDecember 2014 Secchi disk depth1.97 ftAverage for December
Hollingsworth, Lake
Dissolved oxygen (DO)9.75 mg/lNovember 2014 Dissolved oxygen (DO)9.4 mg/lAverage for November
Gibson, Lake
Chlorophyll a, uncorrected for pheophytin24.1 ug/lFebruary 2015 Chlorophyll a, uncorrected for pheophytin10.77 ug/lAverage for February
Hancock, Lake
pH9.2 November 2014 pH11.74 Average for May
Ariana, Lake
Turbidity5.4 NTUNovember 2014 Turbidity5.01 NTUAverage for November

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