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SJRWMD Proposes Rule Changes to Increase Water Conservation

The St. Johns River Water Management District's Governing Board voted today to begin the process to amend the agency's rules to include water conservation requirements in its Environmental Resource Permitting Program and to require a consolidated process when new projects need both an environmental resource permit (ERP) and a consumptive use permit (CUP).

Under the proposed rule changes, applicants for ERPs for projects that include irrigated landscape, golf courses or recreational areas would be required to develop and implement a water conservation plan.

Applicants also would need to design their irrigation systems to use lower quality sources of water, such as reclaimed water and storm water when feasible, and specific requirements would need to be met for projects with wet detention ponds as part of the stormwater management system.

Source: SJRWMD News Release--Click here for full text

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Ed Garland, St. Johns River Water Management District, egarland@sjrwmd.com
phone: (321) 676-6612 .
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