SWFWMD Water Quality Sampling Data

SWFWMD monitors and collects water quality data as part of several programs. The Peace River, Myakka River, and Comprehensive Watershed Management (PR-MR-CWM) surface-water monitoring networks were developed to support resource management decisions through the collection of monthly water quality samples at selected stream gaging stations in the Peace and Myakka Rivers, and other basins throughout the District. These data are used to determine pollutant loads, characterize water quality conditions, and monitor changes or trends in water quality over time. The Ambient Lakes Water Quality Monitoring Network (ALWQMN) was developed to monitor changes in surface water quality at approximately 315 lakes located within SWFWMD boundaries. Water quality data is used to track impacts from land use changes and/or improvements from Best Management Practice (BMP) efforts.

Data Transfer ScheduleSemi-Annually
Most Recent Data Transfer4/19/2019 11:08:23 AM
Period of Record8/4/1997 - 3/8/2016
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